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It starts right from our Design Desk. The right product-mix with ergonomic features catering functional requirement are simulated here ensuring standard compliance ISO 9001 certification. The products are translated to converge Purpose-People-Place for Green Efficiency. Our stringent quality measurement procedures are meticulous for each production process and hence ultimate end-product performance. Our vendors are very important business links to cater availability of right inputs of right specifications at right time and right place.

Evolution :
Over the last few decades ergonomic product design for the workplace has evolved to include new concepts and solutions to help improve the comfort, health and general wellbeing of those who work with technology in the workplace. Ergonomic workplace design has also been influenced by an increased recognition that work systems and tools should be developed and employed so that the job fits the person and not the other way around.

Human Engineering :
Ideally workplace furniture should enable the body to move through a range of seating positions. It is important to move and to change working position frequently. Increased movement and flexibility can be facilitated with the use of monitor arms which enable greater fluidity between user, desk, chair and computers. Where there is any kind of repetitive use of a tool or task ergonomics need to be considered.

Productivity :
The aim should always be to reduce exposure to discomfort so if a task is repetitive the tool used should be designed so that the body can carry out the task in a number of different ways. If there is one simple rule it is that the job should be fitted to the user and the product to the user. As far as workplace ergonomics is concerned the aim is to maximize productivity while minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort. So the principle consideration is not how a product looks, but how it functions. Good ergonomic design prevents technology from dominating and puts people first to create a healthier and more efficient working environment.

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