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Project Ideology
From project concept to engineering and installation. Know-how and competence in all project development phases. Ergoflex Contract Division has the expertise required to analyse, face and solve the complexities of the various project phases, and to finalise even the most challenging creations.

Approach to the project
Clients, Interior Designers and purchasers; each of these figures requires special attention, targeted expertise, proven professionalism: in this way, their expectations can be met.

Initial investigation / Project specifications
During this stage, all the financial and technical information is discussed and given to the Client. Preliminary drawings, quotes, alternative proposals for materials and components, samples: these features work together to define the project specifications that will be referred to until the work is finished.

A series of activities to source materials, develop and produce drawings using CAD, and make prototypes; these activities are carried out with the dedicated contribution of the Operations team, which consists of specialist. During this stage, the corporate know-how is translated into a fine-tuning of materials, details and processes that must satisfy users.

Project Plan
Identifying and recognising the elements, and for each purpose (bedroom, public area, etc.). Creation of the BOM (Bill of Materials).

Identification of assembly process
This stage is a significant part of the ongoing monitoring of the work in progress.

Production / Purchasing
Ergoflex Contract Division has an internal production unit. A strong network of sub-contractors. The products measure up to strict quality standards and fulfil the regulations in the countries they are destined for.

Quality control
The quality criteria are checked adhered. Starting from the selection of the chosen materials, and continuing through ceaseless monitoring of the procedures during processing and completion.

This isof vital importance for projects, and becomes even more crucial when working. The Contract Division is able to volumes of finished goods. This makes it possible to deal with any demands from the construction site at any time, and allows the division to react promptly to any change of plan. The time needed to finish projects is short, and on-site work proceeds in parallel to the production of the furniture.

Assembly / Installation
Delivery or Installation at the Site.

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