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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
The company is pro-planet and believes in strengthening ERGOFLEX brand not only through customer satisfaction but also through active contribution to the Society at large. It has taken steps in the following areas.
A) A Jain Temple is erected at the adjacent factory premises to encourage and promote regular prayers, worship and the like where local inhabitants can visit for offerings. Here people will have the opportunity to see a large sculpture of God PARASNATH the savior of mankind.

B) A blue print for Primary School is being actively considered for the local children to put thrust on the education as the foundation for a nation. Here needy/under privilege people will get their boys/girls educate for imparting basic knowledge and thus becoming true humane. This facility will be extended to company staff at no profit basis.

C) The promoters of the company are true animal lovers and do augment such efforts effectively. The Social Bird Sparrow has a special place in every home and their chirps are like music to the ears but now struggling for survival and existence due to modernization The sparrow population is fast declining and before we know it they will soon become history for our children.

The company has undertaken a project in maintaining a website (www.savesparrow.com) for global community to exchange views and make Instant digital involvement.
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